Windows Installation in Toronto

Window Replacement of Toronto offers the best deals in the greater Toronto area for window installations. We do the best window installations in Toronto according to our customers, because they keep referring their friends, coworkers and family members to us for all of their window and door needs. Our professional team of window installers can do a windows installation for your Toronto home in one of the quickest and most efficient times in the industry. We are a professional windows installation company in the Toronto area and we are here to serve you. Our expert team of windows installation consultants can assist you in picking out the right windows for you project. All they need is your information and the plans that you have for your new windows.

Toronto Windows Installation Company

windows installation torontoWindows Replacement of Toronto is a windows installation company in the Toronto area. We have been working with the people of Toronto doing windows installations for years. There are two main types of windows installations in Toronto, a Frame to Frame (Retrofit) windows installation or a Brick to Brick windows installation. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of Retrofit windows installation are much lower cost and quicker installation time and there is little to no exterior damage to your home. The disadvantages of Retrofit windows installation are if they are installed improperly there is a good chance that they will leak. The advantages of Brick to Brick windows installation is you can get a more unique look and you also will have much great protection from leaks. The disadvantages of Brick to Brick windows installation is that they are more expensive and take a considerable amount more time to do.